NUX pages no longer visible




I recently had to restore data in an ALM environment. I had to create a New Prod model by copying/archiving Old Prod. I took Old Prod out of deployed mode to capture the data I needed to reload into New Prod then archived Old Prod and stood up New Prod. 


However, in doing so, the NUX pages associated with Old Prod have dissapeared. 


Would unarchiving Old Prod return the same NUX pages I had built previously? And then should I repoint the pages to DEV, archivie Old Prod, then repoint to New Prod?

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  • Misbah
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    Yes unarchiving would bring back all the pages, See this thread where we discussed the absence of such feature in New UX. If Space is not the issue then you will have to change the source model of page from old prod to new prod and then archive the old prod