New Modeling Experience Idea: New formula editor box to be avalilable in deployed mode


With newest UX for modeling I found the missing opportunity to see the pretty syntax highlighting in models being in deployed mode. The double-chevron icon is unavailable during deployed mode so i can't switch to "New intuitive formula editor so you can highlight syntax to improve accuracy and easily read formulas" which were persented in here .




Please add this option to deployed mode.


Thank you



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  • Yes please! The new modelling experience is pretty, but without such features useless for any more advanced model analysis or coding.

  • Good idea. I hope it will be implemented and the new modeling interface will be improved.

  • Indeed it would be useful, especially if the formula editor will be enhanced with some formattations which show the formulas in a more readable way. 


    It seems that Formula editor is automatically on "edit mode" and maybe this is why is disabled in Deployed models. In Deployed models, the formulas cannot be modified. 


    As it was before it was OK: opening the formula, to show the "read only" mode and if double-click the formula editor can be activated in "edit" mode.


    As a partial workaround: can be used the drill-down on the cell...

    The drill-down window formats the formula in a more readable way.

    However, in the drill-down window, the formula does not show correctly the parenthesis and it cannot be used for modifications 😞



  • ChrisM

    I am pleased to say this idea is on the roadmap for the new modeling experience.

  • Another vote for this functionality!

  • Status changed to: Delivered
  • Yaay! success! Thanks everyone for supporting the idea!

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