Updating production list to non-production list




Please see the updated scenario below.


There is dev model and prod model(deployed mode). Originally there is numbered list marked as production list . But now there is new requirement to mark this numbered list as structural list. But if I will mark it as structural list in dev model and sync. with prod model(ALM); the data associated with the list(module data and list data will be lost in PROD model. I don't want to loose data. Can someone suggest workaround for this as i want to mark this list as structural list without loss of data.




  • Hi @Ankit_Negi ,


    This change should not result in data loss in your PROD model.

    You might want to test this scenario before making the change in your actual models for validation.

    >Create a new simple DEV model with just one list and an associated module with sample data, and create a PROD copy to test this scenario.


    However, if you do the reverse (convert a Production list into a Non-Production list in DEV model), and then sync with PROD model, you will lose the module data in PROD model (but the list data will remain).


    Hope this helps!






  • Hi Ankit,
    Whenever you mark a list as a production list in the dev model and sync it to the production model, you will not lose your data.

    I hope it helps.



  • Hi @anand.shekhawat @Ankit_Negi 


    If both Dev and Prod (Deployed) model are originally Structural list, then changing the list to Production Data will NOT RESULT IN DATA LOSS.


    However, if both Dev and Prod (Deployed) model are Production list, then changing the list to Structural Data will RESULT IN DATA LOSS.


    Hence while you as the consultant can try to work out if the list is structural or production during development, if you're not sure, then you should keep the list as STRUCTURAL, and then monitor the rate of list change during production.