Capturing User roles

I was trying to capture roles of the current user in a line item, I see that we cannot refer the model role from user settings directly

The other way i can think is to take export in a csv and upload it back to required module but is there any other way which will not need export?

My ultimate goal is I wanted to mask data a line item for a single role resulting then to see not the exact numbers but only XXXX or just to hide line item. Don't want to create separate  dashboard just for this feature.

Please provide suggestions and best way to do so.






  • Hi @abhay.kanik 


    Yup, it doesn't make sense to create another module for this.

    An option you can pursue is DCA.


    I have used SYS User.'R/W?' as the write access driver.


    Before anyone is granted R/W access, the 'Sales' line item is not displayed.



    This is the 'SYS User' module.



    After checking my name in 'SYS User.'R/W?', i can now see 'Sales'.


    With the above method, you need not load/assign model roles to users.