Make Time Ranges Production Data


In order to support varied testing and especially split-model deployments (same dev model with different data sets/time periods), it would be useful to have Time Ranges be Production Data. This will provide value in allowing all deployed models linked to the development model to be configured independently and save on model space without the risk of syncing the incorrect time range definitions and losing data or surpassing workspace size limitations.

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  • This will be enormously helpful when we have one dev model and multiple split production models with different time range need to be used without creating duplicate modules.

  • Any updates on this?

  • Nice idea! This could be so helpful! We have different country models with the same DEV model and their planning horizons and actual data range are quiet different, actually. Now we are forced to use the largest time range to support this ALM-system, although it creates so much sparsity, though.

  • Looking forward to this. 

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