Issue to track table of Page in NEWUX for respective module for Deployed Mode Model.


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I have started working on the new model of Anaplan that is already built but the problem I am facing is that I am not able to identify that a particular table on the Page of New UX is connected to the which module because the application is linked with a model which is in the deployed mode so I don’t have any right to change the configuration of the page or to backtrack any table for a respective module from the page even being ANAPLAN model administrator.Pls let me know incase is there any other way to backtrack the tables of Applications linked with prod model.

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  • anand.shekhawat

    @PratyakshDua01 @abhi4246 


    Possibly Yes !! If you do not have the Page Builder access you don't get the option to view the source module




  • Hi @PratyakshDua01 ,


    If you have the page builder access you can check the module name to which it is connected. 

    Hover on the table in the New UX and you will see a small panel coming on the right top corner. Click on the three dots and you can see the Source Module.


    And if you looking some 'Used in Dashboard' kind on column (in the modules section as we have for our classic dashboards), let me tell you we don't have similar functionality for NUX.


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    One needs to have a page builder access to get the details of the source modules of the tables on the page.This is applicable even if the source model is in deployed mode.