Does ALM Back to the Future work for adding model versions?


Hello everyone,

We have several substantial model changes set to go in next week and just received a request from the business owner to copy off a new version in his model BEFORE we implement the next set of changes…. There’s been a lot of work done between April 26 and today and I’m not 100% certain it’s a straightforward thing to complete what he’s asking for with the version copy. 

I don’t know if Anaplan will barf all over a “back to the future” technique when adding versions… because my understanding is that versions are not just NAMED, they have IDs… it’s not like a bug fix where a line item is calculating improperly and it needs to have a sign change or something…  If my assumption about version names vs. IDs is correct, then the version "ABC" with ID "123" in the “past” that gets migrated isn’t going to match up with the recreated version "ABC" with ID "126" in the “current” that would be migrated when we do the scheduled change next week. 

I would appreciate any insight.... and would be pretty happy if I was wrong about the name vs. ID concept. 

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  • Hi @Stacey_Gibbens 


    What does "copy off a new version in his model" mean?


    Based on how you described the version creation, deletion and recreation, the same can be said of any structural list. Hence i don't see where the 'back to the future' is taking place in your example.