API test connection


My team got email for API test connection. can someone explain more detail? what's impact in system? if current i have some whitelist, how should i do? 1. test connection and add all whitelist of document ref. 2. test connection only, and no add/change whitelist


  • The instructions on how to test are here, and the test endpoints to use
    API services endpoint testing - Anaplan Community

    The outcome of your testing will determine if you need to put the end point on an allow-list

  • Thank you for answer. API service, does it use for integration? I have server base for Anaplan connect then I should be test link on the server whether i can test directly link.  

  • Yes, this is the endpoint URL for integrations, including Anaplan Connect. So you should set up a test script on the same server using the test.api.anaplan.com address to make sure it connects and authenticates okay.

  • Thank you. i tested the link "https://test.auth.anaplan.com/token/authenticate"

     but failed the error show (HTTP 405 method not allowed).
    currently, the interface will run batch script and via proxy server and push file to system. so i have to add whitelist first and re-test. please advise.