Sync up individual objects (Modules, Actions, List ....etc....) instead of full model



DEV-->TEST-->PROD Sync up individual objects (Modules, Actions, List ....etc....) instead of full model


It is very important to have a individual objects (Modules, Actions, List ....etc....) sync instead of full model.

There will be several situations where it would be helpful: Some below:

1) Two people working on same model on different enhancements/bugs and one might be medium and other is big change. One change is complete and tested and other is still in Dev, the dev for one of the un finished change modified several modules and not fully fixed, in this case we might not be able to move one change at a time, we have to wait for both to be completed which might delay other change which is already fixed. 

2) We might have started some dev but left it incomplete due to other priorities, but another person without know that started working on something different and synced to prod, this would break the working module too.


Syncing full model is not a idle scenario when multiple changes happen at a same time or multiple people working on the same model.


Please provide some solution to sync individual objects....

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