Backward sync compatibility


The issue without having backward sync compatibility is really scary.

Right now i can think of two scenarios which can break things very easily.


1) Someone in the team started a dev work and he spent 20-30 hours changing several modules or different objects in the model and before that change goes to prod, the requirements changed or for some other reason the dev work is put on hold. Everyone forgot about this change and after 2-3 months new change came and we started to make changes to modules that are touched due to different requirement, he does not know that the code between PROD and DEV is different,so when he sync the model to PROD, he might fix something and break others due to inconsistency in code.

2) We opened a module in dev and trying something and made a change to one of the formula, as this is a auto save the changes will be saved and no one really noticed, now a other team member started to make changes to a different module and after the dev work is completed and tested, he moved the model to prod. This could potentially break others working fine until yesterday and stopped working after this sync happened.


I might be missing something here as this could have been a issue for many other customers and Anaplan have a way about it already which i am not aware of.

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