Dynamic locking of editing data in the model



I need to make the ability to lock data for read and edit.

I have done it using two line item read/write and then 'Driver Permission' inside module.
However, this only locks the top level of the hierarchy - L2.
I need to block also the ability to edit for the lower level of the hierarchy (L3) depending on whether the parent has write/read set.


Why do I have doubts?
-I can't use the same approach for L3 because it has too many records, it would be better to automatically select write/read permission depending on the parent permission
- parent L3 is a sublist of L2


Thank you in advance for the help. 

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Best Answer

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    You need to be able to state the read / write permissions in terms of L3. 

    Therefore, the module used to inform theses settings must be dimensioned by L3. 

    Create a properties/system module for L3 and three line items; Parent ( L3 List formatted), Write (Boolean) and Read (Boolean).

    Use =PARENT(ITEM('L2 List')) to pull through the list formatted line item from L3.

    Use this list formatted line item to LOOKUP the read and write line items from the original module that is dimensioned by the parent. 

    Use these access drivers to control access to the line items dimensioned by L3.



  • Thank you! It works. 

    Only one question regarding permission, can I set up a dynamic write permission for an import action? 



    The parent has been blocked from editing data in the module, but the import action works by selecting the parent with the list filter, can I make this action dependent on the same dependencies as the module (write or read)?