Anaplan data versioning

Hi All, Please suggest the best approach with Pros and Cons
Users need the ability to open a prior version of the Model and have the numbers within be unchanged from what they were when initially sent out. What should be the ideal approach?
1) Model Archiving: Copying off versions of our Anaplan model and then never editing that saved-off version again.  We then continue to work in the new live version, hence the prior model will remain unchanged.
2) Snapshotting: Creating additional modules in Anaplan to store the data that we include in the existing model.

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  • AntonMineev
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    Hi @Aniruddha!


    The question is very good and both approaches have the right to life (you can even combine them).


    From the main one, I would highlight that approach 2 (with modules and imports) is more efficient in terms of sizing (modules weigh less than a copy of the model) and allows you to use this data in reports.


    Most often, I recommend preparing the final data in models for export to a Data Hub / BI / corporate DWH. With proper configuration, we will be able to load all the necessary versions from the DWH / Data Hub back into the model.


    And we leave a copy in the archive for detailed analysis.