Model Calendar grayed out in prod model - client has ALM

I think I know the answer but need to verify...  in the production model, the model calendar is grayed out. The client has ALM. The model calendar is not grayed out in Dev. Is it grayed out in production because ALM is set up? I'm guessing they need to make changes to the Dev model calendar and push it to production. I could be totally wrong and there is some other reason. 


Could someone please verify?

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  • robinsalk
    edited December 2022

    Thanks for confirming Rob.

  • GuyMaesaka
    edited December 2022

    If the production model is in standard mode (not deployed) but ALM is set up, would the model calendar still be grayed out? Would the model mode be the determining factor whether a workspace admin can change the model calendar, similar to structural lists?

  • rob_marshall
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    The model mode (Deployed or Standard) governs if you can change the model calendar.  If you were in the "prod" model, but it is still in standard mode, you can change the model calendar but if you do, you just broke the syncing ability to dev.  This is why prod models should be in deployed mode, so nothing can break the sync between the models.