UX: Card Blocks/Groups

Initial Idea:

(1) Would be nice to be able to group cards on a page into a single container and save it as a single template. This will allow me to save time on repetitive builds where I have to publish the same header with 10+ separate cards on all my pages (workflow status steps, filters, company photo, custom navigation, etc.)

Below you can see what this header could contain (special thanks for the design to our methodologist @Grundaizer )



Workaround (kind of):

Currently, I can achieve similar result if I make a duplicate of existing page. But since the content of the main part of the Page (below this header) and Page access settings can be different - it may actually not save much time because in this case I will have to remove the not relevant part in the duplicate and change access settings per each page (which is also a pain and deserves a separate Idea if it's not there yet).

Additional use cases:

(2) Grouping can give opportunity to have context page selectors inside this group and visually separate parts on the Page. Would be nice if I could add some backgorund color to the group. More about that was explained in an Idea by @whitby: NUX | Ability to group cards into page sections 

(3) This will allow you to move multiple cards at once.

(4) Also, as an end user, you could comment on the area of the page (card group) - and not on a specific card - for more immersive collaboration with colleagues.


Let me know what you think, do you have some other thoughts on what opportunities this feature can bring?

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