To see more than 1000 records in history




Is there any way to show the History record more  than the first 1000 records?

I want to revert to an ID which is not visible in the first 1000 rows even after applying the filter for that particular date only.


  • @anjanas,

    Export the history in excel format. Note down the id that needs to be reverted. Then in Anaplan, click on Restore id and you will get a popup to retrieve the model. Update the Restore id and revert the model.



    Hope it helps!

  • in addition to @kavinkumar 's point, when downloading the history log -which is the only way to display more records- even though you can narrow down the number of lines included in the export by using the "from" and "to" dates, most likely you will end up with a large amount of records (bear in mind that every single thing you change in Anaplan is recorded here!). 


    So, probably excel won't be able to handle and display all the rows in your export. Something I use to check the history exports is the LTF Viewer (Large Text File viewer). Is a very light and simple software that can handle millions of rows without trouble and has a very useful search tool to find specific changes or users. 


     in short: by downloading the history log and opening in a tool such LTF Viewer, you can easily spot the specific ID and then restore your model back to that one.