How to synchronize selective changes from Development model to Production model using "Revision Tag"


Dear experts,


I'm trying to transport/synchronize selective changes from Development model to Production model.
To handle this, I have captured the changes which are not useful into a dummy revision tag.

In another revision tag, I have captured the useful structural changes.


However, when I try to synchronize the Production model with Development model, system shows me all the changes together (useful and non-useful) which were captured in above mentioned two revision tag.

I understand that this is because revision tag is a snapshot of the model at the time of its creation.


Is there a way to do synchronization of the selective changes?


Any input will be highly appreciated.


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Umesh Jethwani

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  • @UmeshJethwani 


    To answer your question, no, you can not do selective sync's as the revision is a snapshot of the entire model at that point in time.  With that said, it is all about what is actually in the revision, which is why Back to the Future works as @parmod.kumar2 stated.