NewUX App duplication with page links




I've created an App in the NewUX base on a Dev model and now I'm duplicating this App and mapping it to the Test model for the user testing. The duplication and re mapping was performed without any issues but the links to other pages that I had in the App are still linked to the pages on the App created based on Dev. 


For example in the Test page 1 I have a card with a link to page 2 and when I click on the link it open page 2 but from the old Dev App.


I wanted to know if it is possible to map all of these links to pages in the Test App automatically or if I missed some step during the duplication.


Thank you!

Best Answer

  • Akhtar.shahbaz

    Hi @belenrufino 


    You don’t have to duplicate the app, now we have an option to enable multiple model to same have to select correct model when you have access to more than one model

    Go to page setting  & enable multiple source model for each page of the apps.