Add ability to add a time constraint (filter) to the Bulk copy functionality.


Idea:  We are asking Anaplan to consider adding the ability to add a time constraint onto the Bulk copy functionality.  For example, when performing a bulk copy, I want to pull in a sub-set of data based on time vs. all data.

Business Impact:  

When doing a copy of my forecast version I copy the entire time scale of my Anaplan Model.

  • In our case at this time of the year I want to copy Forecast 2022 into BUDGET (BUD) BUT I DO NOT WANT TO COPY Forecast year 2021 into BUD because my forecast category has a switchover.
  • The business impact by doing that will delete my official BUD year 2021, but also BUD year 2022. I lose tracking of my previous year of budget.


  • Yes, I could archive model to refer historical but then business users can’t refer to it.
  • Yes, I can create Different BUD version i.e. version BUD 2022 but that will increase the space and BUD 2022 version will also own 2021 data which will be very MISLEADING for users. Since it will be a forecast actualized.
  • Yes, we can do some workarounds and build custom copy. This is what we have done by having a running Planning model where we loose historicals and a reporting model where we custom imports/copy per year.

 This is native in ALL planning tool and NO PROGRESS has been made on Anaplan side since at least September 2015.

 We have a workaround, we survive but we also have different data per year/version in different models and this is and headache for Finance people.



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