Model Building and Correct Role

I just started at a new company that uses Anaplan. My boss would like me to learn to build models and dashboards in Anaplan. I understand that I might need to have a workspace administrator role in order to build models. Is that correct? What would you advise is the best course of action for someone learning Anaplan who will need to build models? Thanks.


  • Hi Nathan,

    For accessing and building models in Anaplan the below steps needed to be followed:

    STEP 1 - First the Admin needs to add you in to the workspace and model using your email Id.

    STEP 2 - You need to have a workspace administrator role checked to access the model.


    Hope this helps.





  • Thanks! Can the organization have more than one workspace administrator? 

  • @nathan.clute 


    Yes an organisation can have many administrators (WSA Users) who can grant you access to the required workspace after gaining an access you can start your model builder journey through community learning courses under below link 




  • Hi @nathan.clute 


    And that would be limited by the number that's been bought as part of the license agreement. Best talk to your internal system owner (might be your boss) and/or business partner.

    With regard to learning might be worth looking at this. A really great way to learn how to use Anaplan with others in a virtual cohort based environment. There is of course the option to follow them self-learning via here starting with Level 1.


    Good luck with your Anaplan journey.