Get Consolidated Data from a User dimensioned module to a module without User dimension



I have an input module with a user dimension, published in a DB where End users can enter the inputs. I want a consolidated module where I can view all the entries/data but without user details or dimension as it has nothing to do with users. 

I used the User dimension in the input module to avoid overlapping or overwriting of data of other users when multiple users are entering the data at a time and bring flexibility where everyone's data is recorded.




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  • rob_marshall



    Take a look at this article as I think it may help you.  Also, I would stay away from TextList as much as possible as it could have performance impacts.




  • alexpavel

    @Arnab116 The aggregation of data by Users it is possible and it is very well explained in the @rob_marshall  article. 

    The aggregation of the data by the Users native List has exactly the same approach as you would like to consolidate data for a "normal" list that does not have a total element (Top level) defined. 


    Just a clarification about the usage of the Users list:

    I would be careful to use a Data Input module with Users list as the "final holder" of the data. The Users list can be a quite volatile list and new users can come..but also users can leave the company or change position and the security on a model could change for a user in "No Access" or the user can be deleted from the workspace. In these situations, all the input or saved data related to that user will be lost and you could have issues with the integrity of the consolidated data. 


    Users list it's a really helpful feature, but I would use the list only as a temporary holder of input/saved data or in modules related to filtering functionalities (where input data by the user is not important). 


    I hope it helps



  • @Arnab116 

    Main problem is that userlist doesn't have top level.

    You can try to use aggregation with a dummy list with a single element and a top level. This list can be used for SUM/TEXTLIST functions.

    The same list has to be used in calculation module to aggregate as a mid-step.

    After the aggregation you can pull this data to your target module as already you would have a top level in the calculation module.