ALM Sync


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I need help to Re -Establish the sync between dev and Prod Models .

This is how the sync broke .

Consider the dev model and it's on Revision Tag 190 , and the prod model is on revision tag 180 .

So from the dev model's revision tag 180 i created another dev , let's call it "dev 2 ". I Made some changes in            " dev2 " and added a revision tag 181 . Then i Synced "Dev 2" with prod model . This broke the sync between dev and prod model . Is there a way to re establish the sync between dev and Prod models .


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  • @nikharsachdeva 


    Sadly, if this is the case and you don't have an archived model of Prod that you can restore to, then you have permanently broken the sync to Dev because Prod can only have one "master" model.  Remember, in order to sync, the target model (in this case Prod) has to contain revisions that are in the master/source model, and now the Prod model has a revision that Dev 1 doesn't have.