Revision Tag enhancement: Compare vs current state and/or edit Description


I have what I think is a minor feature request that would be very useful for anyone using ALM or Revision Tags generally.


On the Revision Tags page, we compare the changes between two previous Revisions, but I haven't found a way to compare the current untagged state of the model to a saved (usually the most recent) Revision.


This is an issue because the Description column cannot be edited once a Revision has been saved.


So, in order to have an accurate Description when saving a new Revision, one must not only have to remember which bugs are being addressed, enhancements included, and WIP advanced, but also what fellow developers have done since the last Revision.


There are (at least) two ways to address this:
1. Allow the Description field to be updated (perhaps limited to the most recent Revision), or
2. Enhance the Compare functionality to include Current State before the most recent Revision.


Option 1 is probably easier to implement.

Option 2 would be more desirable because we could see what's included BEFORE saving the Revision, sometimes highlighting additional changes that should be made (or unmade) before committing the Revision.

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