What does an Anaplan model Builder do?

Ans;-Your job is to unlock the power of the Anaplan platform. You will design and build your Anaplan models, prepare the data to serve your end-users, and deliver a fantastic user experience that drives Anaplan adoption. This tailor-made onboarding site serves to provide you with the information you need to be successful.


  • Can you provide little bit more context to the question?


    If it's a general question -> Anaplan model builders build models to Business as per use cases. These use cases can range from FP&A, S&OP, Incentive compensations etc.


    Now each use case will solve problems to business, for example a S&OP solution might help companies plan for right products at right time at right place. Similarly an FP&A use case can help companies plan for Budgeting and do various scenario analysis on top of base version which is not possible in traditional legacy systems.


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