Who are Anaplan's competitors ? Is There any Competitors for Anaplan ?


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  • TimothyThomas

    Hi @veeraravala ,


    I agree with @ChrisStauffer in his point that the main competitor for Anaplan is corporate mindset! In terms of other tools that aim to accomplish the same thing, here is a decent list from Gartner: Link 


    The main ones I tend to hear about are Workday, Planful, and OneStream - from a brief look into them, none of them seem to quite match the power of Anaplan for my 2 cents.


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    Anaplan is recognized by Gartner as the Connected Planning (XP&A) Pioneer garnering many awards across FP&A, SPM, and Supply Chain from Gartner, Forrester, IDC, Nucleus, Constellation, Dresner and Ventana Research.


    The speed, agility, and configurability of the platform enables users across these business areas (and more!) to build custom dynamic and modular planning solutions. As a result there are many other vendors who claim to be competitors across this broad landscape but none are truly as powerful and flexible and easy to use as Anaplan. 


    I think one of the biggest competitors is the continuing corporate mindset that 'we can just use a personal productivity tool. (excel) to manage our enterprise'. It still amazes me how many well known corporate and government entities use Excel to this day.


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