ALM Version Structure Settings - Allow for CURRENTVERSION setting updates in PROD model


Other structural version settings are now unique to the production environment and the Current Version setting should be allowed to be changed directly in the PROD environment as well.


Currently if you are using the native version formula settings in order to calculate for specific versions, there is no dynamic way to alter what the current version is in a PROD environment. It requires a manual sync between DEV and PROD to update.


Switchover and the Edit From - Edit To fields have been changed to allow direct changes within the PROD environment and the Current Version boolean should follow suit.


This will allow end users to run a process to update the current version and recalculate the model for the version of their choosing within the PROD model. This recalculation can be critical to a businesses needs and having it be available to be scheduled via a process/action vs. requiring manual intervention would be a HUGE improvement.

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