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As a consultant, we are building for multiple clients at a time. While we tend to have our own color schemes, most of our clients have their own brand colors that we would like to use if possible. To make this easier, we would love the ability to identify a number of brand colors (possibly per workspace) that we can easily pick from wherever color selection is available. I believe this would be a great feature for all Anaplan customers.


I know this will be complete when I can save a number of colors to a workspace as "saved colors" and easily select them from any color selection panel. 

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  • Hi @kosterhout,

    Very similair Ideas has already been posted here and here. I'd suggest giving them a kudo as well 😉

  • Thanks, @M.Kierepka! I thought I did a good enough search and it turns out I didn't. 😅

  • @kosterhoutI think you searched well enough, I remembered that I had seen such ideas and tried to find it, still was hard with so many ideas having "color"" in the title and Anaplan Search imperfect algorithm...

    BTW, I am surprised that this has not been implemented yet, as I think it's actually not that much development - we have color palette (default Anaplan's colors), it's just about allowing us to edit and save it per app/workspace.

    Also, I think it would be good to see "recently used colors" in the picker, and being able to paste multiple colors at once, not one by one.

  • Hi @kosterhout -


    Here was how we solved it and kept it in Anaplan. 


    Hope it helps!


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