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It would be great if once you have input S3 access credentials and established the connection, CloudWorks would present you with a list of available files to choose from, instead of having to input the filename.


Furthermore the ability to reselect the file to be imported by the connection will speed up integration admin a lot.  Much of the data generated and stored in S3 is date stamped in the filename or path so at present this requires a new connection for each data import to be created in order to input the new filename.

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  • I believe it s currently the case, just not at the connection level, but at the integration / process level, once you pick up the connection you need, the dropdown list allows to choose a file.

    Same for future execution on an existing import or process : you can always edit and reselect another file you need as long as it s in the same bucket.

    And there isnt a need to create additional connection as long as you are operating in the same bucket : the connection is for the whole bucket and any of its subsequent paths.


    I speak of what we have on our aws s3 cloudworks setup.


    Are you getting a different behaviour ?


    If that s the case, i would suggest you check the bucket policies.

  • GarryW

    Hi David

    thanks for sharing this… re "the connection is for the whole bucket and any of its subsequent paths"… does the subsequent paths means subdirectory?

  • Yes, @GarryW Connection set up is for the whole s3 bucket, all the paths and files within can be listed with the conection.

    It would be nice though to be able to input in an integration the subpath and let the integration loop over all files within

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