So commercial?!

I am someone who got interested in Anaplan. Re-entering the IT field, despite earned a degree in computer science in 2008,then moved to biomedical engineering and law.


So, as coherent as water, how can someone who is a skint, pay to even complete Level-1 without paying?


And, no one provides job without initial completion of levels.


Its like a chicken and egg situation. 

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  • ryan_kohn
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    @Nab7 Welcome to the forums and nice to hear you're interested in Anaplan! Sounds like you would benefit greatly from the Anaplan Talent Builder program, which is available at no cost.

  • Nab7
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    Hey Ryan


    Thanks so much.. Much glad, to witness prompt response out there.


    So, I can progress to Level 2, free of cost?


    With best regards


  • JaredDolich
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    Just to add to @ryan_kohn comment you can also study for level 2 and the Anaplan Way for free. These three certifications will earn you the certified modeler, which is what you'll likely need to get one of those awesome jobs you mentioned. Good luck and welcome!

  • Nab7
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    Which Awesome jobs? Are their any Anaplan implementation in medical devices and law?


    You can welcome me with a Kudo. 🙂