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HI All,


I have Dev and prod model. I am working on dev for the last 2 months as per the change request. Now the Bug has been raised in Prod. Now it should fix any cost. is there any way to fix the bug without losing 2-month data and I can't break ALM Also .


Please suggest any ideas and suggestion to work accordingly

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  • Hi @143kishornaidu 

    yes, you can fix the prod issue and please dont remove the prod model from deployed mode.

    you can follow the hotfix. 



  • can u please elaborate in simple steps

  • yes, sure!


    Create a new revision tag in Development model.

    Identify your recent History ID

    Lets say







    are you history ID - 5 is the most recent, you should make note of that history ID.

    Now identify History time when this development was last done(last sync to prod model) and revert to that history ID, do the changes that is needed to fix the bug in dev model and Sync to prod model.


    Now, you have to bring the changes that are done post the last sync in dev model(remember you have reverted to some previous history ID). that can be done by reverting to the history ID 5(new history IDs are created now, you must revert to the one you noted initially) and bring the changes again in dev model.


    and do the sync again to prod, you are done!





  • Hi @143kishornaidu ,

    Please follow the below link and get the detailed solution of your problem through a technique called "Back to the future " mentioned in the planual of Anaplan. 


  • Hi @ManjunathKN 


    Yes you are absolutely right, both the same. The main reason I have shared the link is because it contain pictorial representation of the process, which really helps for someone who is going through it first time.