Size of model increase.


Hi All.


I have a Prod model. which has been gone live Aug-22. Now its size increasing every month. Our Total Model size 200 GB .Last month we had 160 GB this month its increase 176 gb. Now its occupency is above 80% .now we want to incease workspace.


Now, i want to know how much space should i purchase.

What are the factors ro be considered.

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  • ManjunathKN

    Hi @143kishornaidu 


    In classic engine the size is fixed by structure. it increases once you add new list members/versions/snapshots and also the performance decreases once you add production data.


    Make sure you want the previous list members or versions to have in system. Now how to estimate if you know that you want to retain all the data until sometime.


    Do a excel analysis and check where are the new list members or versions impact the cell count. And you can get the count but this process is hectic. the other way is to check how much the size increased with the addition new list items or versions and use it as increase % and estimate the future size by new items/versions to be added. this will give you approximate and keep buffer of 20GB(over and above the estimate). it should work.


  • ryan_kohn
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    There are a couple of good threads on this topic: