Can archiving a production model and restoring it back lead to ALM sync issue?


Hi Team,

I need to archive a Production model to restore a copy of this model I had made earlier to recover some data. I need to archive the current model due to space constraints.
For simplicity, let's name the current prod model 'A'. The older version of this prod model, which needs to be restored for some time, 'B' and the Development model 'C'. 
After getting the desired data from model B, I'll need to archive it again to restore model A. 
There are some changes made in the Dev model C which are not yet synced with Model A. 

Will this archiving and unarchiving lead to any ALM sync issue? Or should I first sync the Prod model A with the Dev Model C and then archive the model A?
Also, kindly let me know if I'm missing out on anything else.

Appreciate your help!



  • Hi @Akanksha15 


    Great Question!


    Ideally archiving and unarchiving should not lead to Sync issue, if at least one revision tag is synced between models.


    I want to understand that what you mean by bringing the data from production model(B) to dev model(C). 


    I highly recommend to do this exercise with a small test models before proceeding.



  • Hi @ManjunathKN,

    Thanks a lot for responding!

    I just need to export some .csv files from the production model (B) and then manually load them into the prod model (A).

  • Hi @Akanksha15 


    Then should not be a problem. Since the model structures are not breaking here.