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There are instances where we do not want the production model to be updated using ALM.

This is required when we have any model developers working on the same model, and don't want any of them to accidentally move changes to PRO. 

With this option we are better prepared for risks that may occur for data loss or restoring models.





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  • rob_marshall
    edited November 2022



    Just a suggestion, you can remove the model builders WSA/Full Access role from Prod.  This will prevent them from doing any model syncs.

  • david.savarin
    edited November 2022

    @rob_marshall @Kudiarasu : same : mb as developers shouldnt have wa rights on a production model, and should probably limited to a release admin for deployment.

    Though it would be easier if roles segmentation between mb and wa would be in place

  • Kudiarasu
    edited November 2022

    Thank you for the suggestion, we dont want to take this approach esp. if this scenario is frequent. It would be much easier to have something like a locked status which will allow users to use the model but not allow any Design changes.

  • So it would be a new mode between the locked mode (cannot do anything) and the deployed mode (can interact and change prod data as well as deploy changes) ?

    That would be interesting.

    I would like additional secure options to also prevent models from accidental deletion (e.g. it s easier to delete models than to change their mode).

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