ALM : Model Synchronization Failed


Hi, I want to syncronize model but error was occured.

This is a error message with structure error.

The structure of the target model is incompatible with the source model. The model structure may have been changed by another Administrator since the last revision tag was added. Select an alternative source model to synchronize from.


I see revision tags, and cannot revert to Last Revision.

It means this revision is equal to Last Revision.



How do I check what is difference between target model and source model?



  • Misbah
    edited November 2022


    Revert to last revision gets activated only when there is a structural change made in the model after the last revision tag. In your case I don't think there was any change that was made after the latest RT creation.

    I don't think there is an easy way to compare the source and target model. You may have to do it manually like exporting the model blueprint, checking all the lists (Prod and structural)  and list items, subsets, properties of structural lists, classic dashboards if any. This indeed will be a laborious activity.  I wish there was an option to compare the models. You could post this idea in an idea exchange forum as well.

    You can also think of initiating a new ALM by Creating fresh Dev model from last revision using Create Model from Revision option 




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  • ManjunathKN
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    Structure of prod model breaks if someone takes the prod model out of deployed mode. you don't see the Revert to last revision tag in Deployed mode and you can only do that activity if your prod model is in standard mode. I will tell you how I fixed these problems, before to that I cannot see any article that actually support this process.

    What I did here is I took the prod model out of deployed mode intentionally and I reverted to last revision tag in prod model itself and then I synced it from dev, it worked. 

    kindly do this activity in some testing model and apply the same in prod model. Before starting this process, make sure you copy and archive the Model 

    Edit: After the process, Make sure nobody breaks the prod model again, prod model should be not be taken out of deployed mode. Any structural changes should always come from Dev model.

    How to know who has taken the model out of deployed mode, you can get to know this by history of prod model, identify the ID and user where the changes is done directly in prod model. Model wont just be incompatible if you just take out of deployed mode and it will be incompatible only if structural changes are done directly in prod model.