Add or Adjust Time Dimension On An App Page

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I have a schedule that is populating Q3 numbers, even though we are only in Q2. After doing more research, I believe it relates to there not being a time dimension on this page. 


Can anyone provide guidance on how I would be able to add or adjust the time dimension so that only prior and current quarters are populating? For example, in Q2, only Q1 and Q2 amounts should be appearing. In Q3, only Q1, Q2, and Q3 amounts should be showing. Please see attached screenshot for reference. 


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    You don't have a selector for the time dimension at the top of the page because time is pivoted to rows in your screenshot. 


    You can create a filter line item and apply it your module so only the current and previous quarters will be displayed. This can be done by creating a "Quarter Filters" module. You can name it something different if you'd like (you might already have this or something similar you can use). If you already have a line item in your model that identifies the current period or date you can use that to derive the current quarter for the logic. This could be a date stamp from one of your data loads for example. If not, you can also use the Current Period in the model calendar, you just have to remember to update it every month.


    Below are a couple screen shots of what this could look like. Hopefully this is helpful.    


    Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 4.00.47 PM.png