Ability to export the list of revision tags


As a workspace administrator I want the ability to export the list of revision tags from the Revision tag page, using an Export button, same as what's available elsewhere within Anaplan.

Proposed example :


This is very much needed to easily and quickly satisfy audit requirements which we regularly need to produce and share with the auditors, but also for internal use (eg investigate an old change that might have caused a live issue).

Why is this needed ?

In a configuration where you have a single ALM Dev model, multiple Test and Live models working with revision tags causes serious performance issues (opening and creating a new rev tag causes Anaplan to hang for a few minutes). As such we need to archive the ALM Dev model to "purge" the list of revision tags. Once this is done the performances go back to normal.

However, we always need to provide the full list of changes/rev tags to auditors and add extra info/comments (eg evidence for testing, sign-offs, etc).

We achieve this by using postman to extract this information and then using Excel to format the info. As we will have multiple archived ALM models we need to unarchive the old ones and repeat this step.

The whole process takes time and it would not be needed if we had this simple functionality enabled.

Success Criteria

I will know this is successful when I can extract the full list of revision tags into a .csv or excel file

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