Archiving Models in Workspace

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I have a PROD model that I needed to make a copy of and archive to a new archival workspace. However, I made the mistake of copying the PROD model in the same workspace that the PROD model exists in. How can I take the copied model and update the workspace without causing any issues in any of the models?

If possible, I'll be more than open to getting on a Zoom or Teams call to help walk me through the archiving as well. Please let me know your suggestions. Thank you!

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  • Vinay VaradarajM
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    Hi @wbroughton ,

    1. If you want to copy and archive a model in the same workspace, click 'Copy & Archive' as highlighted below:


    2. If you want to copy and archive a model into a different workspace (which is your case)

    2a. You need first import that model in the target workspace (Import does not move the original model, but creates a copy in the target workspace)

    2b. Then change it to Archived mode


    Hope this helps!



  • wbroughton
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    @Vinay VaradarajMYes that did help! It was a few more steps I had to take since the target workspace would of went over the allotted storage space if I was to import it as first. But I was able to figure it out. Thank you!