How to update production list data in prod model


1. After deployment if any changes came then where we are updating that changes in development models production list or directly in production model. If Prod model is in deployment mode then how that model will track production list changes.

2. Could any one please guide me how the workflow of dev, test and prod models.


Thanks in advance.


  • ManjunathKN
    edited December 2022

    Hi @SupriyaH ,

    Firstly we setup a list as production list if List items will either come from different source like Datahub or direct import from CSV. other case is where we will mark a list as selective access then we have to mark the list as production list. 

    process for marking list as production list is --> Tick list as production data in dev and sync to prod model (this is one time process). once after syncing, your list in prod is also a production list.

    for production list update, you can update the list items through a import in prod model directly (if you want mapping also to be done directly in production model then you need to mark the import data source and import action as production data and sync from dev).

    only structural changes need to be executed in dev and synced to prod model.
    below are structural changes that require syncing. 

    One important note, at any cost please dont take the production model out of deployed mode.


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