Cloud works AWS S3 Automatic file selection from dropdown

In Cloud works AWS S3 connection, user get to choose file from dropdown.

If a similar file is generated month on month with a slight change in name (For e.g.: ABC_Apr22, ABC_May22 etc.), then user will have to manually change the data source and there will be no automation for this.


I recommend giving asterisk/wildcard (ABC*) feature that allows Cloud works to automatically pick up the file without user having to manually change the data source.

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  • This feature is much needed. Possibly the option to manually enter the file name could solve the issue. As highlighted, the option to use wild card characters, or linking the file name to a line-item value from a module would also make the process awesome.

  • I d avocate to have the ability to point to an s3 path and have cloudwork process all the files in the given path.

    That way, when files names change (like when using spark generated data which produce a random filename) cloudworks will still be able to work without manual intervention

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