Cloudworks integration user role

As a tenant admin, i would like to allow users to run cloudworks integrations and processes that have been prepared by integration admins.

This is required as currently only the integration admin can access and run cloudworks processes and if granted to non admin users, they could destroy existing production setups.

I will know when this is done when i can as a tenant admin give access to users to cloudworks processes where they can only read the existing configurations and run processes or integrations.

Optionnally the cloudworks processes could be added as actions in ux pages by page builders so that the overall users experience is kept in one place (ux)

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  • AshwinK
    edited February 16

    This may be of interest. We recently launched the support for Restricted Integration User ("RIU").

    Key benefits of this feature:

    1. RIUs can only create connections and integrations tied to the workspaces that have been assigned to.
    2. Other RIUs need to be assigned the same workspaces in order to manage integrations/connections in that workspace.

    More details:

  • The main purpose of the idea i am suggesting is to allow users to be able to run cloudworks integrations that have been prepared by integration admin.

    This will allow key integrations To be operated securely without the risks of being changed by accident

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