NUX (User Experience) Worksheet filters -- PLEASE include "ANY" filter


This request was initially posted in October 2020 in the following post: Worksheet Filter AND / OR logic — Anaplan Community

It's only received 16 upvotes and I'm posting this here to bring attention to this major gap between the filtering options in Classic Dashboards vs. the NUX Dashboards. As shown below, classic dashboards allow an "all" or "any" filtering option, which allows an end-user to have multiple non-overlapping conditions for the resulting data set (like Excel).

We've been waiting and waiting for this functionality to appear in the NUX environment. As much as we love the apps and the dashboards and the graphs and the clean, modern look at feel, this gap is HUGE and it's been there for a very long time.

C'mon Anaplan. Why is this so hard to accomplish? Help us out!


Your Loyal, yet Frustrated, Congregation of Supporters

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  • Definitely! We're in the process of switching over to the NUX, and our end users found this to be a huge miss. This could potentially block our company from switching over to the NUX completely as it is functionality many end users utilize on the daily.

  • My firm would also request this functionality. It feels strange to tell users about all the great functionality in Anaplan, yet they can't use an 'any/or' logic when filtering data on the dashboards we've built.

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