CloudWorks - Ability to add up to 50 steps to the Integration flow

As a tenant administrator and model builder, I scheduled 39 CW processes during the nightly integration. It's pretty hard to schedule them separately one after another, so an integration flow would be a lifesaver, but now you can only add 10 steps to one integration flow, so the new mechanism doesn't solve the problem completely, because I need to create 4 integration flows with 10 processes inside and I have to schedule them one after another, considering possible delays or server errors that might happen during any of the integration flows. Please give me the option to add up to 50 steps or more if it technically works consistently. Then I will be able to do overnight integration in 1 go, which will be easier, more reliable, and faster.

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  • +1 Integration flows should be infinite as long as they resolve.

  • more and more Cloudwork will evolve into a serious integration tool :)

  • golosov
    edited March 22

    That would be great)

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