How I Built It: Integrations using CloudWorks

edited May 2023 in Blog

Author: Gokul Selvam Sadasivam, Certified Master Anaplanner and Senior Manager, Business Platforms at Okta.

Hello Anaplanners! I’m excited to share a video that I created as part of the ‘How I Built It’ video series — diving into Integrations using CloudWorks.

In the video, I give a live demonstration of how to use the CloudWorks feature. I show an example of creating Anaplan model-to-model integrations and scheduling the same using CloudWorks. This feature helps us build integrations by ourselves without having to be dependent on the integration team.

The advantages are:

  • We can build the integrations ourselves without any technical dependency or resource dependency/availability on others.
  • CloudWorks can also be used to create schedules as per our business needs.
  • There's a notification section where we can set up (up to five) individuals or email aliases for notifying success, failures, or partial success of the actions/processes.

Check it out and share your comments or questions!

———-Community Manager note: In our new ‘How I Built It’ series, we showcase the incredible talent in the Anaplan ecosystem! From technical content that will help you navigate common challenges, to insights into creative solutions — these videos will offer a peek into how your peers do their jobs. Check out additional How I Built It tutorials: