Model impersistence across pages in the application


Our case:

  • We are separating clients data into different models and manage access via those models administration
  • We have a single application that points to those models and allows users who have access to switch between them (assuming that they would switch between clients data sets)
  • When user switches pages of the application the selected model can change, which creates two security risks:
  • This could happen when working with the client, who would see then data of another client (paying attention while doing this does not really help to prevent this)
  • User could accidentally input data into a wrong model (thus also breach the boundary set between clients; this however could be avoided with attention - still, it is very risky and mistakes can happen)
  • I know now that page remembers which model was selected previously, but it would be good to be able to configure a different behaviour and have a selected model variable shared between pages of the application
  • This also applies to instances where you point the pages to both DEV-TEST/QA-PROD versions for ALM and you get stuck on DEV version when you were supposed to be on TEST etc.
  • The proposed behavior should be similar to a page selector - where the model selection is retained across pages within the app.

Lack of this feature presents a big security risk.

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