How I Built It: Data Hub basics

edited May 2023 in Blog

Author: Josh Baker, Certified Master Anaplanner and Senior Vice President at PJT Partners.

Hi Anaplan Community!
I’m excited to share my new ‘How I Built It’ video on Data Hub basics, including setup, automation, and model to model data/attribute loads.

For some background:

  • The demo utilizes comma separated files (downloaded from HRIS; uploaded to Anaplan).
  • Demo data has been formatted, cleansed, and standardized in source system.
  • The demo utilizes Anaplan Data Hub to enrich and validate data / control data flows.

In the video, you’ll learn:

  • How to setup data validation, data enrichment, and related user interface.
  • How to setup a saved view/related filters to stage & load data from Hub to Spoke.
  • How to setup an action in the spoke to retrieve data from the hub.

Why is this useful? Some of the key advantages and takeaways include:

  • Organizations should be able to improve transparency into system-to-system integrations.
  • Users will be able to achieve custom reporting/custom analysis that may be restricted in HRIS.
  • This allows for scale and expedites time to value for future model builds & strategic initiatives.

Leave a comment and let me know if you have tips to add!


Community Manager note: In our new “How I Built It” series, we showcase the incredible talent in the Anaplan ecosystem! From technical content that will help you navigate common challenges, to insights into creative solutions — these videos will offer a peek into how your peers do their jobs. Check out additional How I Built It tutorials: