Tableau to Anaplan Integration


Hi Everyone,

I was doing POC for Integration between Tableau and Anaplan, where we export the data from Tableau as a file(.csv) and load the file into Anaplan.

Thought of sharing my approach here.

Below are the prerequisites we would need to proceed further.

  • Download the latest Tableau Desktop from the Tableau Website and install it on your Windows.
  • Download the Tabcmd.exe file from GitHub and place the file in the bin folder of the Tableau desktop(path where Tableau is installed on Windows).
  • We need the below information to export the file from Tableau using a batch script.
    • Server URL(Example:
    • Workbook name(Example:Data01_Tableau_Integration)
    • View Name(Example:Tableau_Export_Data01)
    • User Id and Password to access Tableau.
    • Path where the file needs to be downloaded in Windows.
    • An action details to load the data(from a .csv file) into Anaplan.

Attaching the script for your reference.

Kindly suggest if there are any other ways to achieve the same.


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