Add Option to Publish Integration Flow Button to NUX

I have recently been working on creating an iterative process to link disjointed records to a parent within a hierarchy using logic that checks whether the relevant item is within the date range for a specific set of criteria.

Because I don't want an end-user clicking the same button over and over 1—> X number of times, I explored how I could improve the iterative process.

Option 1: Publish something that leverages Anaplan connect, runs a process to find X, and then runs the relevant iterative process X times using a single click. If done correctly, this would have fairly limited overhead but requires a CA certificate or exception user which I am trying to avoid.

I was advised after discussions with Anaplan that we could also leverage CloudWorks -

Option 2: Create identical views/actions to be able to add many iterative steps to a single process. Publish that process on a dashboard. High overhead if a model rebuild is required in the future. High effort to create that many views/actions especially as the model grows.

Option 3: Leverage CloudWorks to create 1 integration per process. Each process runs for one iteration. Add up to 20 iterations to an Integration Flow.

However - there is no option to publish an Integration Flow to a NUX Dashboard and this is my request. I would like to be able to publish an Integration flow so an end-user can kick it off themselves without being an Integration User.

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