CloudWorks Scheduling


The Cloud Works scheduling tool requires both a start time and an end time. Times cannot be in the past.

For a continuous hourly frequency, the start time must be set as 00:10 or some other start time between 00:00 and 00:59.

It is therefore impossible to start a continuous process at say 18:10, and for it to run continuously from then. By setting a start time of 18: 10 the process will only run from 18:10 on each subsequent day.

The work around in this example would be to start the process at 18:10 and allow it to run until 23:10; and then change the schedule to start at 00:10 the following day. This is something of an inconvenience!

It would be helpful if we could somehow tell the schedule to run continuously – i.e., to ignore the start time on subsequent days and run continuously from any start time.

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  • That s a quite strange behaviour.

    So one cannot basically set an hourly cloudworks schedule to run without a complex workaround

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