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Is there any other way that we can update the current date with out using cloud works, Anaplan connect, or any middle ware ETL tools. Through the anaplan system i need to update it not manually and not by uploading the excel file

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  • Dikshant

    You need automation to get the current date and time. Currently, there is no formula to fetch the current date and time. It's good if Anaplan comes up with an formula in future.

  • Hi @Dikshant
    Yes through automation it is possible. By scheduling process in the cloud works but i need with out automation how can we update the current date with in Anaplan.

  • Dikshant

    Rakesh, at present, there are no predefined functions or alternative solutions to achieve the same without automation? We have multiple ways to achieve this in the best way possible, but automation is required in all approaches.

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