API to Provide Selective Access and Update Model Roles to Users


Hi all, just as the title suggested. I am looking for some Anaplan APIs to provision selective access to user and update their model role. I have come across SCIM API that work on Workspace level but can't seem to find one for Model level (or maybe I am missing something). Need some assistance regarding this.

The ask is to integrate our Anaplan to be integrated with our companies IAM and they need some sort of APIs exposed for these.

Thank You.


  • kennethburk
    edited June 17

    Hello @ undertale yellow, I think to provision selective access and update model roles in Anaplan, you can leverage the Anaplan Connect utility, which provides a command-line interface (CLI) and scripting capabilities to interact with Anaplan models. Anaplan Connect allows you to automate various administrative tasks, including user management and role assignments.

  • Hi so, we want to our models to be integrated with our IAM and they want some APIs to directly update the selective access, can you help and point out that with Anaplan Connect ?


  • pyrypeura

    Hi @ManujChaturvedi ,

    If you want to build that connection using APIs you would need to build suitable import action in Anaplan to user access tab and then you can utilise API to send file and then trigger the import action.