Data Write Actions and Model Roles access



I have a Data write action where the user should be able to write a date and its user in 2 line items. However, UX says she doesn't have permission to execute the action.

My user's role has access to both lists and module where the data write action should be executed, and line items have not DCA in place. Line Items are open to write directly on the cell, but we want to use data write action.

Is it possible to review the access to data write action somewhere?



  • Hi @LinaCorrea

    Please make sure that they have the access to the action through the user panel, scroll down to individual actions.

  • @LinaCorrea - can you please share the screenshot of the error message which is coming?

    If you have provided the correct access to the action and the module which is being used to run the action then there should not be any issues.

  • Hi @shubhamrawat, @PulkitChawla thnks for your suggestions, but:

    • Data write actions created in UX does not appear in the User panel control, not in the actions in the model. I might be missing something?
    • Action does not prompt any Error message. it just that the data write action is not available for the user.